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  • Access to over 5,00,000 profiles of qualified candidates.
  • Intelligent filter options for optimal search results.
  • Comprehensive candidate management in project folders.
  • Search agents will inform you via email about new candidates fitting your search profile.
  • Reach more than 1 million quality business leaders and industry practitioners.
  • Matching of suitable candidates and email distribution to active job seekers.
  • Optional additional distribution to more than 100 partner sites.
  • Custom template for your job ad and easy online management.
  • Tailored job mailing to a defined target group within the JobLeads community.
  • Brand your mailing with a custom design.
  • Link to your job ads on JobLeads.
  • Detailed reporting to measure success.

Our Candidates

Reach your target group with e-Recruiting products from JobLeads.


Experts and executives in highly coveted careers are particularly well represented on JobLeads:
17% of the candidates have professional experience in IT & Telecommunications, while 10% are in the Banking & Insurance sector.
Other fields with a strong presence: Consulting (10%), Automotive (9%), and Mechanical Engineering (4%).

IT 12.6%
Banking & Insurance 10.0%
Consulting 9.8%
Automotive 8.8%
Telecommunications 4.3%
Mechanical Engineering 3.9%
Services 3.7%
Advertising & Communication 3.5%
Trade 3.4%
Internet & Media 3.2%
Biotech, Pharma & Chemistry 3.2%
Energy & Environment 3.0%
Electrics & Electronics 2.7%
Consumer- and Luxury Goods 2.7%


JobLeads helps you to reach candidates in any field. The JobLeads community is widely qualified across all areas of expertise. Get in contact with specialists and executives with the right key qualifications.

Marketing & Sales 23.5%
Telco, IT & Software 13.9%
Consulting 12.9%
Insurance & Finance 8.0%
Engineers 7.2%
Human Resources 5.4%
Board of Directors & Management 4.3%
Purchasing & Supply Chain 4.2%
Finance & Accounting 3.9%
Science & Research 3.0%
Production & Operations 2.5%
Media & Information 2.2%
Legal 1.5%
Pharma & Biotech 1.3%

Career Level

Our target group is experienced professionals and executives. JobLeads candidates have extensive experience in project management and leadership positions.

Member of the Board 1.0%
Managing Director 10.0%
Vice President 6.0%
Head of Department 14.0%
Team Leader 20.0%
Project Manager 24.0%
Specialist 20.0%
Entry-level/Trainee 5.0%


JobLeads members are highly trained and highly qualified. 90% of the candidates have an academic degree.

MBA 9.0%
Bachelor's degree 10.0%
Doctorate 4.0%
Diploma 42.0%
Master's degree 5.0%
Diploma, University of Applied Sciences 19.0%
Other 6.0%
n/s 4.0%